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, bose tb20, and a small keyboard amp. also two cd players, a cd/dvd player, and a record player. the main thing I use is my 5100.6.8 running a 5.1.1 system. the receiver has all the necessary jacks for speakers and subwoofer plus an additional input jack. the power supply runs off a main wall outlet. I hooked up a cambridge audio speakers in the car via jack and the 12 way speaker system. It sounds good but the speakers are very low in the front. I need to put in some more speakers. The system has six speakers in the front and six in the back but there is not that much volume in the back. The way I set it up is the cd player is on a shelf between the back seats, the amplifier is behind the front seats, and the receiver and the speakers are in the back. The front speakers are hooked up to the front of the 6x9 subwoofer. I was going to put speakers in the trunk but I have the room to do this. I think that with my system, there is not enough volume in the back, maybe 20db. I also had the woofer wired in straight (crossovers are normally in parallel) rather than series. The woofer is a 12 gauge rca when I have the system wired in series. Last edited by warren on Fri Jun 15, 2006 2:51 pm, edited 1 time in total. The way I set up my car stereo is, the amp is on the shelf under the subwoofer. I have 6 speakers behind the front seats and 6 speakers on the shelf between the back seats. The speakers are all-closed and the woofer is set up as a bi-amped. I would suggest wiring the woofer straight as it sounds better that way, there is not much of a loss in sound with wiring it in series, but it does make it easier to change subwoofer if you ever have to. I have a set-up similar to the one you have now. I've been running it this way for almost 3 years. I have the speakers in my trunk, the subs, in the trunk, and the amps in the trunk. I run my subs out of my amp, but you can run them into the amp if you like. I like to run all my subs out of the amp,



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Download Yamaha Xg Midi Player shanoly
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